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Database sandbox.

This is on behalf of someone that called in on our 1-800 line. They are not current users, but they are interested in the possibilities AgExpert Accounting might provide.

Asked if there was a way to segregate off bits of data so that he can mess around with things and yet ensure his "real" data stayed good. On the desktop, we might accomplish this using the snapshot or by creating a 2nd copy of the data file to play around with. His use case is - the accountant and he have completed a fiscal year with cash flow completed and are looking at forecasting for the coming year - he'd like to go back into that year and be able to mess around in that cash flow without altering the original data. Developing that idea I can see a desire to create a number of different cash flow scenarios or projections. He said, even the ability to export a cashflow to a nice excel spreadsheet in which he could play around with the numbers would work. He loves working in excel.

I can see other applications for this idea, outside of cash flow like budgeting, or enabling multiple scenarios for our Field profitability report. If we can figure it out once, we can apply it in a number of places as appropriate.

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  • May 25 2020
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